Lemons and other updates

It’s been a while.  My last post was in November.  Since then we were able to harvest a few siling labuyo, maybe 1 or 2 small bell peppers a few cherry tomatoes.

Harvest since November last year.

I also attempted with new plants and propagating more basil from cutting but, sadly, nothing took off.  At some point, real life got in the way, we got busy and went on a short vacation… And when I got back, everything was dead.  Except for 2 lemon plants.

#1 on the left and #2 on the right. Look at the size difference!

2 of the 3 lemon plants survived.  #3 on the rooftop didn’t make it.  I am not sure if being on the roof top, exposed to the elements was a big factor.  I am guessing, being on the rooftop, made it far away enough to receive less care.

I think #2 grew a lot more because i repotted it sooner.  #1 was repotted only last may from its original pot. It has grown since then but still not as much.

Right now, my biggest issue is identifying which branches to trim and which to keep.  I know I need to trim it regularly, to manage the size as a potted plant and ensure the tree will have strong branches to carry fruit load.  But I still can not tell which ones to cut.  Will just keep going and hopefully, after a few more years these 2 will bear fruit. I’m guessing that’s about 3 to 4 more years.









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