Propagating Basil

So, the last attempt was a fail.

Second attempt was a failure too. 

Meanwhile, the basil plants at the roofdeck were growing and sprouting flowers.  Had to trim it down to encourage the plant to produce more leaves and stop flowering.

Set aside the cut stems for a 3rd attempt.

Yes!  Even the tiny stem sprouted roots!

The roots looked good.  Planted them.

Sadness.  They all didn’t make it (left).  This (middle) was the last plant standing. Today (right), after 2 weeks, it is dried up and dead-o.

After planting, i followed the rules of watering when dry.  Feel the soil and if its still moist, don’t water or it will drown.  Basil plants don’t like their feet wet.  But it seems that newly planted cuttings need water coming from an all water environment.  Will try that on the next attempt.


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