Native Tomatoes

These were were taken early October. A few new fruits were sprouting from seemingly dying tomato plants. The leaves have turned curly and dark, smaller and clumped together.  I think it is caused by erratic watering since I am unable to water it myself daily.  Some days i ask someone else to water it and I am not sure how much they pour into each pot.  Other days it just rains and pours.

In the course of the month gone by, the tomato plants have continued to deteriorate.

The fruit cracked and got a bruise.  I ate the good part anyway.  Waste not, want not!


The one ripened and fell off.  Someone was kind enough to pick it up and set it aside for me in one of the dead pots.   We ate it too.

This one ripened beautifully.  Picked it off from the branch and had it in a salad.

These babies from are a mystery.  I am pretty sure these are native tomatoes.  But they look like cherry tomatoes.  Maybe their growth is stunted? The branches they are on are broken and dried out but it seems they are hanging in there.  Waiting a day or two more before I pick them off and see if they are edible. 

In the meantime,  I think it’s time to plant new tomato seeds if I want some healthy fruit by early next year.  I’ll keep the few surviving old plants around to see if any of them will bear more fruit but they are looking so scraggly I didn’t even want to post any more photos.


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