Chili: Siling Labuyo

In an earlier post, I identified a chili that I planted as Bird’s Eye Chili.  I assumed that it was because it was longer, bigger than the usual Siling Labuyo that we commonly see around here.

But it the articles note that the main difference between the 2 would be how the fruit grows from the plant.  Bird’s Eye Chilies grow fruit downwards:

Thai peppers.jpg
photo courtesy of wikipedia

While Siling Labuyo grows fruit upwards:

Capsicum frutescens (Siling labuyo).jpg
photo courtesy of wikipedia

This is what fruit from my plant looks like:

In September, about 3 weeks after the last post.

Late October,  chilies!


More chilies in early November.  they are fattening up.  Waiting for them to turn red before picking them out.

Do you see the upward fruit?  I guess these chilies are from Capsicum Frutescens family.  No clue if that means hotter chilies but they are cute growing upright like that!


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