Bell Peppers

Well, I’m not a fan of bell peppers.  The taste isn’t my cup of tea.  If its in the dish and it tastes much better, good but i will avoid putting it on my plate.  Which is why, it pains me to buy bell peppers even if a dish requires it.  Maybe it can do with out.

My mother on the other hand, cooks with it a lot.  She says bell peppers make the dish taste a whole lot better.  If you’ve ever tried my mom’s cooking, then you would likely agree with her. Her food is just yummy.  So she sent me a bag of bell pepper seeds that she saved from all that cooking.


Seedlings, late August.

Late October.  2 sprouts!

8 days later, in early November.  It’s growing!
The other one fell out though 😦


But the other plant has a new sprout.

The nice thing is,  I haven’t really paid much attention to these bell pepper plants.  After repotting them, other than daily watering, i kinda just left them alone.  What a surprise.



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