Native Tomatoes – Harvest!

Since the last update, the tomatoes were doing pretty well.  Until it rained continuously for about 2 – 3 days last week.  No major typhoons, that’s just how the weather is like here during the rainy season.

The cracks appeared after the rainy days.  The gardening websites explain it as an effect of irregular watering.  Basically, the tomato “body” can not cope with a a sudden downpour and high volume of rain.  Think of it like a stretchmark when you get pregnant, except in this case, it doesn’t stretch, just splits.

I had to harvest the cracked tomatoes early to prevent it from rotting, even if it wasn’t ripe yet.  A few days later,  the one with the large crack did rot.

The remaining 3 tomatoes ripened beautifully on the plant.


The remaining 3 cracked tomatoes, for tonight’s salad.  I’m still eating these!
Harvested 2 of 3 tomatoes from the plant.  The 3rd one is still a bit green on top. Beautiful, no?



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