Lemons – Update

Repotted #2 22 days after planting


Finally repotted #3 69 days after planting.  #1 still in the small pot


#3 and #1, finally repotted, 69 days after planting


 After repotting, #1,2 and 3 look good.

#3 seemed to be falling behind in growth.  I decided to experiment with sunlight.  so I put #3 on the rooftop.

Then, out of no where, leaves started disappearing (#1, balcony)

 #3, on the rooftop, photos taken in the morning.  I removed the wormy things, flushed them down the drain.

#3, on the rooftop, photos taken in the afternoon.  New wormy things arrived and more leaves gone (left). Whats left after cutting off the eaten parts (right).  Not much, but I am hoping it survives.  I’ve sprayed it with some fertilizer to help it along.  

Can’t protect them.  #2 on the balcony, least damaged but had a wormy thing today too. 

Oh the agony of removing these wormy things.  Popsicle sticks, bbq sticks, concentration and a steel-y heart (eep, most difficult!) that it goes where i want it to go (drainage!).  I’ve been advised to spray the leaves with a mixture of laundry soap, water and oil.  I hope that works to keep them away.





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