DIY – Crude Drip Irrigation System

On a hot day, if I am unable to water the plants on the rooftop for any reason,  they wilt really fast.  Most articles on watering basil will say, water when dry.  On the balcony, this might be every other day, on a shady windowsill, maybe less.  But on the rooftop, if it doesn’t rain, daily watering is a must.



So i decided to try something I’ve been seeing around.   There is this version too.

A crude drip irrigation system.  The idea is simple,  a water reservoir feeds the soil at a constant rate, thereby watering the plant continuously.  I used 2 upper halves of plastic bottles because i used the bottom ones as seed starting pots.  I didn’t want to wast the top halves.

Stick it in the soil and it should work.

Except it wasn’t working right.  The water drained out as if i poured the water straight into the soil.  Maybe this was for a number of reasons.  First,  3 holes were just too much.  1 small one, should suffice.  Second,  the top should be inside the bottom half so that the water won’t spill out of the attachment.  Or maybe, like the instructions said, just use 1 bottle.  Third,  The bottle should be embedded in the soil deeper and tighter (which means, a bigger pot).

Will try again, after I repot the basil.






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