Native Tomatoes – Updates, Flowers and Fruits!

Rooftop tomatoes were flowering! 8-9-16

It was a surprise when the rooftop tomatoes were flowering.  Exciting times!  I followed the advice of expert home gardener California Gardening on how to manually pollinate the flowers.  In the meantime,  #1 and #8 on the balcony were growing taller.  They weren’t as leafy and it seemed they were getting taller to reach more sunlight, which they weren’t getting enough of on the balcony. it was time to move them up to the rooftop.

#1 and #8 on the balcony.  8-12-16

And move them I did.  But the timing wasn’t right.  A typhoon came and these 2 were pummeled.

Fallen. 8-18-16
#1 had to be cut. 8-21-16

After the typhoon, there were still flowers but they were weak.

Only #4 bore fruit.  Tiny and cute.  (8-23-16)

Growing.  8-26-16

Really so cute.  I can’t get over it.  8-27-16
With droopy leaves on a hot day. 9-1-16

Still green and small.  But their bottoms are formed.   Does this mean they have sufficient calcium? 9-8-16

Growing taller, I had to let the top through the net.  9-13-16

In the meantime,  the other plants are flowering but not fruiting.  Manual pollination is not working.  After the rains, I’ve had to pick out weeds and mushrooms.  And now that it’s hot again,  the soil is drying out, compacting and the roots are showing through.   I will need to replant these.


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