The Forgotten Onion

The forgotten onion.


2 weeks ago, my sister handed an onion to me and said “Plant it!”  I was baffled.  It was still a good onion, just had a green sprout coming out of it.  She says it was left behind in her pantry and it grew a sprout and that she thought I could grow more onions from it.

It had been raining a lot the past 2 weeks so i set the onion aside.  Finally, yesterday, it was dry enough to plant at the balcony.

Onion peeled for planting.


I used the sandy soil from the Rosemary plant (that died and did not come back to life as I had wished).  I stuck the onion in the soil and voila!

I thought that was that.  Until this morning, i researched a bit on planting onions to find out more about how much to water it.  This is what I found.  Anktangle and Happy Mothering blogs both cut up the onion to plant the part with the sprout.  I realized it made sense, otherwise the non-sprouting onion would rot.

So I dug out the forgotten onion.

I cut up the onion to look for the sprouted portions.  i didn’t want to damage the it so i didn’t separate the twin sprouts.  The inner sprout was slightly soft and wet at the edges but i used it anyway.  I feel bad for wasting the rest of the onion though.  The cut up parts could have been good enough to cook with.  But being the germophobe that i am, i didn’t want to use the onion that i had buried in the soil.  Silly, i know, since onions grow under the soil.  In my mind, the new onions have more skin, more protection from the dirt.  (i know, no logic there.)









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