Lettuce Harvest!

The lettuce plants have been looking good, growing bigger with new leaves.
Took a small harvest about 20 days ago (about 3 days after the last update).


12 days ago.  It has been raining a lot.  I was worried they would drown but instead, they grew!


3 days ago, with so many leaves and the plants getting taller, I just had to harvest already.  Otherwise the leaves would wilt and turn yellow.  An abundant harvest to share with the Doc.  All Romaine variety except 1 pot – (see top leaf on right bowl)- I think that’s the Green Wave variety.


 Today, the lettuce still looks good despite the harvest.  i was worried they would wilt.  I will give them enough time to recover before i harvest again.  Right photo – I didn’t know lettuce could grow so tall.  The pots have become too small and not enough soil to hold them upright.







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