Basil Updates

After the last update,  I decided to move the 2 basil pots from the balcony to the rooftop.

#2 on the rooftop, 3 days after the last update.


#2 originally on the rooftop.

from L – R:  #2, #3, #1 – 10 days after the last update.

from L – R, #3, #2, #1 – 18 days from the last update.
Harvest, 21 days after the last update.  Used it to make Lemon-Basil Cream sauce for pork chops.  Yum!
Back pot, #2; Front #3 and #1 – 27 days since the last update.


I am amazed at how transferring the 2 pots to the balcony has made all the difference.  I’ve put them under a roof to shield them from the rains this past week, but they are still doing well.  Even #3 is starting to sprout new leaves.

   Today, 30 days since the last update.        L-R #2, #1, #3


#1 with 2 stems sprouting from the ground.  Barely any discoloration on the leaves now.  Look at the fresh leaf growth at the bottom of the plant.
#2 which I originally put on the rooftop.  Lush leaves and a strong thick stem. 
#3 has always been the problem child.  Its leaves are still sickly looking but I am not too worried.  Look at the baby leaves growing at the base of the plant.





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