Potting Mix: Coco Dust

I have found that pure Orgamix as potting soil eventually compacts and becomes very dense.  Even with the added perlite and coco chips,  the mix is cakey and solid.  I get the feeling the water doesn’t drain as well at this point.

I’ve purchased this coco dust and it is very fibrous.

I used pure coco dust for the germination of some cherry tomatoes and so far it has been good. Now, I’ve come up with a mix to try for the chillies.


50% Orgamix
45% Coco dust
4% perlite
1% coco chips

It looks good, doesn’t it?



  1. Hi Sherwin. Sorry di ko alam saan sa Bataan meron. Kung makaluwas ka minsan sa Quezon City, makakabili ka ng gardening supplies sa Quezon Memorial Circle (use entrance before Visayas ave.). Maraming mga tindahan dun na nagbebenta ng iba’t ibang supplies and accessories for gardening.


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