I am generally averse to anything and everything creepy, crawly and slimy.  And i was under (the wrong, apparently) impression that if i started out my garden clean, there will be no bugs.  Maybe a few flying insects, but no crawly stuff since they weren’t there to begin with.  Wrong!  It seems that they have that 6th sense.  If there is greenery, they will just show up, like magic!

I think I popped a vein when i saw this critter in a tomato pot on the rooftop.  It took 2 bbq sticks and 10 minutes to get it out.  I don’t know where it went, but i hope it’s faraway now.


This one was on a leaf on a basil plant on the balcony.  I don’t know if this is the one causing the silvery spots on the basil.  Winged and quick, a real menace!

This one was flying over a cilantro pot like a fruit fly.  Not sure if it is the same as the one on the basil.

When this one showed up out of the blue on a tomato plant on the balcony, I cut of the “infected” stem right away (see the white speckle).  so far, the rest of the tomato leaves don’t exhibit any spots so I think that bugger is gone. 

There is one bug I can’t seem to catch – on photo or to crush!  It’s tiny and quick.  And there are a lot of them in the cilantro pot (same pot with the hovering insect).  I think i reused that pot without disinfecting it (This was when I didn’t know better!). I will have to determine if that cilantro plant is still safe to eat and if i will have to get rid of it and the pot altogether.


Sad because the plant looks healthy enough.




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