Cherry Tomatoes

I was having dinner with family at a farm to table restaurant a few weeks ago.  I was having a salad and as I was about to scoop up a tiny cherry tomato into my mouth, I realized I could plant the seeds from this baby.  So i carefully wrapped the tomato in a paper towel and dropped it in my purse.  Nuts, i know!  The husband stared at me incredulously for a minute and then went on about his meal.



The little guy had so many seeds inside.  I washed and dried them out.  And because it took quite an effort to acquire it,  I just had to plant them all.

 5 days after sowing.

I decided to experiment with the the seed starting mediums that I used.  Each tiny container (i used yogurt containers and the bottom halves of water / juice bottles) housed a different potting medium and about 3 seeds.

6 days after sowing.  Top row from left to right:  coco dust,  ramgo,  garbage soil.  Bottom row left to right: coco dust, sand mix.
6 days after sowing.  Orgamix with perlite and coco chips.


A sprout – lower left corner.  3 days after sowing.  Using German soil


Only the seeds in the sand mix have not germinated.  I think it is because the seeds got washed up when i watered it.  Or it could be that tomatoes don’t grow well in sandy soil?

Garbage soil on the other hand,  is a mix of a variety of soils, orgamix, ramgo, unknown soil, all from failed experiments.  I guess the soil was not the problem, my seeds must have been duds.

Coco dust has been said to be a good medium for seed starting because it is “fluffy”  allowing the roots space to grow and take hold.  It is lacking in nutrition, however, which means I will have to repot it into a better mix at some point.





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