Rooftop Greenhouse

Ok, so it’s not  a greenhouse.  Not even remotely close.  But it’s green.  And it puts a roof over my plants.  So it’s kind of a house, right?

After the typhoon and strong rains a couple of weeks ago, I realized that i had to find a way to protect the plants as necessary.  And while building a real structure was out of the question, i could build something mobile, lightweight and cheap.


 I took 4 pcs of 10 ft pvc pipes and cut them up with a hack saw.


I took 4 pvc elbows, 8 pvc Ts and using pvc pipe glue, I put them together.


attached plastic netting with twistie ties (plastic wire).


Using twistie ties to fasten everything together


Midway, I realized i wouldn’t be able to reach the pots in the middle if i covered all sides with netting.  The only way would be to lift the frame each time and if I were by myself, that would be difficult each time.

So i covered the top completely but left the sides half open. 


I admit, the design needs work.  To reach the plants, i have to crouch down.  Plus, with the open sides, the pots are still accessible to the neighbor’s dogs (who might pee and poo !!).  And of course, still accessible to the creepy crawlies and flying insects.

I’d like to think i still achieved something though.  The net protects the plants from extreme heat of the sun in the afternoons; and diminishes the impact of the rain. I am hoping it will be able to hold a solid cover (sintra board) on top during strong rains.

On a different note, I am quite happy I was able to do the DIY project myself, including using a hack saw!  It’s hard work,  I would like to get a power tool!  I am now sleepless thinking of the design for phase 2 – rolling platforms!  (Wait, this was only phase 1??  Who knew?!)









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