A Beginner’s Helpers

Twistie Ties

Commonly used to tie up cables, I have a new found love for twistie ties.  I can use them to tie anything and everything.


 I used twistie ties to make my vertical garden on the balcony.  I also used it to attach the netting to the frame on my rooftop “greenhouse”.

After watching all the you tube videos and reading all the how to articles,  I have yet to encounter a gardener who has not used fertilizer.  I was hoping I wouldn’t need to.  But it seems if I want my plants to fruit, I’d have to feed it well.

They had other kinds,  but being a beginner, I chose the general purpose fertilizer.

Peter’s Professional
Is…this… Blue Sky?  Maybe this was Walter’s and not Peter’s…   😀


The instructions said to use half to 1 tsp for every liter.  But I being the scaredy cat that I am, I only put half a tsp to 1.5 liters of water.  And this I distributed among 14 pots.

After 2 weeks, when the plants are a bit older, I will use the right dilution.


I decided to get a pair of gloves.  These are thick cloth gloves with rubberized paint on the palm.  It’s multi purpose but i think it will do well for gardening.  My main objective is to use the gloves when mixing soil.  Although, lately, I find that I can touch the soil and potting mixes without it.


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