Rosemary – Hope Springs Eternal

While the rosemary plant is dying (should i say trying to be saved?),  the cutting i desperately made before all the leaves turned brown is managing to keep somewhat green.

3 days after cutting. 

Because the plant was turning brown,  i chose a sprig was still relatively green, despite the stem being woody looking already. I was a little desperate, so i was a bit more rough when i removed the lower leaves.  That caused the bark of the stem to come of in some parts.

8 days after cutting

10 days after cutting.  I know the tips are black, probably because it got dipped in the water.  But most of it is still green! 

13 days after cutting.  Changed the greenish water after this photo.  I read somewhere new water gives the cutting more oxygen which it needs to root. Am i naive to think i have hope of propagating this Rosemary?

16 days after cutting.  I removed the black parts of the  leaves.  Most of the small ones were in rot already. 😦
17 days.  Next day, it was all brown. 

I think hope will not be coming from this mother plant.  I will have to get a new one.




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