Saving Rosemary

The rosemary plant deteriorated real quickly after my last post on it.

Next 2 days after that post.  It is just turning sooo brown. 

Another appearance of those hanging things.  What is that?

White stuff appeared on the brown stems.  Is that powdery mildew?
So I trimmed the plant even more.  Here it just looks so forlorn.

The roots didn’t seem to look so bad.  Do you think it has rot already?  I couldn’t tell so i just replanted it anyway.

I used a potting mix of sand, orgamix and perlite.  I hope that helps drainage.

It has been 2 days since we repotted it.  I haven’t watered it but it has been raining so the air is wet and humid.  Which means no sun too.  There doesn’t seem to be any improvements but I don’t see any additional hanging things or white spots.  I will give it a few weeks before I throw in the towel.


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