Sometime in mid May, my cousin gave me an established Rosemary plant which she propagated from her own plant.  It was a beautiful, healthy pot of Rosemary.


It seemed to be doing well.  I put it on the balcony where it would not get wet in the rain.  But unfortunately,  not alot of direct sunlight.  During this time I made attempts (here and here) to propagate the Rosemary.

Look at the fresh growth at the ends.  Beautiful!

I’ve used the leaves for cooking beef, lamb and chicken.  It is satisfying to use fresh herbs instead of pouring it out of a bottle.

4 days ago, i noticed the leaves were browning. 

The soil was moist to the touch even if I hadn’t watered in days.  I only water when the soil is already dry and that’s only about once a week.  Also, I observed the presence of dried brown attachments (not leaves, are they flowers?).  They were hanging on the stems but not really attached to anything.

2 days ago, i picked out the brown leaves and removed the hanging things. Still ended up with a brownish plant rather than a green one.  Sad.

It has been raining lately, hardly any sunlight.  The air is moist and damp.  And, where it is (on the balcony), it will get some kinda wet even if it is under a roof.  I read that Rosemary hates that.

With the typhoon passing by, the rains have not let up.  I’ve moved the Rosamary indoors.  I’m afraid I may be too late. 

Maybe I can save this plant if I repot it this weekend. I hope that will work.




  1. Maybe try adding some sharp sand to the soil to help improve drainage? In the wild Rosemary grows best on the side of mountains, where the soil is rubbish and drains really quickly . Good luck with your garden, I love seeing it developing! 😊


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