Basil #1, 2 and 3, after repotting 1 week ago


Basil #2, throughout this week, at the rooftop.

#2 was the most yellowing of the 3.  It was also the one with the least number of leaves.  As an experiment, I put #2 on the rooftop, hoping it would get more sun.  Unfortunately,  a typhoon is here and it has been raining heavily the past few days.  I’ve moved it to a (still slightly wet) drier location to avoid the onslaught of the rain but am worried the rain has drowned it and the roots will rot.


Basil #1 & 3


The other 2 pots have remained on the balcony.  Slightly exposed to the elements being outdoors, but still protected from the strong rains.  I’ve moved them inside today, though.

I’m curious to find out if they are better off on the roof or on the balcony.




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