Native Tomatoes – Transplant #9 – 12

I completely forgot about this pot of tomato seedlings.  Planted at the same time as pot #1 (transplants 1 – 8)  and pot #2 (given to the Doc),  pot #3 was planted in a self watering container.  I left it on the shelf and didn’t bother with it again until I noticed today that it was overgrown already.


That’s the great thing about the self watering pot. No need to water it regularly.  No questions if you under or over watered it because the plant draws the water from the reservoir consistently and in small quantities.

So now, to repot.

Look at how the roots have been contained by the bottle.  The plants are grown but the roots are thin and frail.  Maybe too many seedlings in 1 tiny pot.

Transplant #9.  It seemed not to have enough roots on it. 

Transplant #10 had a bit better root system.

This pot had twins too.  But this time, i separated them.  This is transplant #11.


The younger twin.  Transplant #12.


This batch of transplant looked a lot more wilty than the last one.  They are now at the rooftop.  It rained hard earlier this evening so i am worried that they were pummeled by the heavy rain.  I hope they make it through the night (is that a song?? ).


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