Rooftop Invasion!

Because the Doc has just a little bit more space than I do, she sowed almost all her seeds (from the farm).  It turns out, most of them germinated and now, she has an abundance of lettuce seedlings.  Today, I am the proud adopted gardener of 17 lettuce plants.  But where would I put them?  My tiny balcony is … well… tiny.

Light bulb moment – the rooftop is spacious, gets a lot of sun (and rain).  It’s a bit of a hike to tend it but it really isn’t that much of an issue.


Neatly arranged. I put the pots on sticks so the plants wouldn’t get heat stroke from the cement and for better drainage especially if it rains.
Added the Tomato transplants to the rooftop garden. My 1.5L soda bottle in the background, in case i need to water in pinch. 

At some point I would have to add some kind of netting to keep insects and birds away.  Then, maybe add a small fence to keep the neighbors’ dogs (and their pee/poo) away too.  I’ve also been reading about a drip irrigation system from a bucket or water container.  I will have to consider that if watering becomes challenging.


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