Repotting Basil


There hasn’t been much improvement to Basil plants so i decided to repot them already.



#1 had the most yellow leaves.  And upon removing it from the pot, the roots were dry!!  So it wasn’t  over watering, it was under watering!  And I hadn’t been watering it even more.  Anyhow,  hopefully the coco chips and perlite will retain water and help the roots strengthen and establish themselves into the new pot.


#2 was the easiest to remove from the original pot.  So i am optimistic the roots of this one were not damaged!  I put the potting mix halfway the new pot, loosened up the soil from the roots and put it in.  Then i just added more potting mix to fill it up.

#3 was hardest to remove from the original pot.  It felt like the roots were stuck to the sides.  Look at how some roots were left behind in the pot.  Hopefully it wouldn’t make too much of a difference and that the roots attached to the plant will be sufficient for it to continue to grow.


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