Potting Mix: Adding Coco Chips and Pearlite

With the need to transplant all the tomato seedlings, i will be needing more potting mix.  and I figure it would be too expensive to have it purely Orgamix.

I asked senior gardener and she suggested a blend of Coco Coir  and Perlite.  Unfortunately I didn’t do my research.  When I got to the garden center, they weren’t sure about Coco coir and was offering me Coco peat or Coco chips.  I remembered senior gardener saying her coco coir came in blocks so i decided to go for the coco chips.

Coco Chips

Perlite is a non organic, lightweight material that retains water and assists in better soil drainage.


The problem with the coco chips is that it was too big.  I looked it up and it seems coco coir and coco peat are pretty much the same, the difference possibly being the packaging (coir is in a block, peat is loose).

I decided to cut up the chips and use it anyway.


I didn’t follow the 1:1:1 ratio though.  I might have only put 2% perlite, 8% coco chips and 90% Orgamix.






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