Native Tomatoes – Transplant #2-8


The tomatoes are just getting too crowded and too tall for this pot.  And with the seeming success of #1,  it’s time to repot them all!


I took them all out at the same time to avoid cutting up the roots.  It turns out the roots are a bit tangled since they were crowded in the pot.  #2 – 4, #7 were pretty easy to replant.

#5-6 were really close together.  I call them the twins.  I didn’t want to force them apart so i put them together in 1 pot.  It’s likely I will regret this when they grow and need an even bigger pot and compete for nutrients.  But that is the way of the inexperienced gardener – shortcuts!

#8 was the runt of the pot.  The smallest one there.  I decided to put him in a temporary container for adoption.

An hour after, Transplants # 2-7 are up on the rooftop.


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