Native Tomatoes – Transplant Experiment #1

So Tomato Pot #1 was getting crowded.  the seedlings were growing and there were about 8 of them in the pot.

As an experiment,  I decided to take one out and transplant it to its own pot.

transplant 1

I carefully dug out transplant #1 with a plastic spoon.  It wasn’t difficult as the roots were shallow.  I placed it in the center of a pot filled with Orgamix.


The empty spot.

If you watch tutorials on You Tube, transplanting is easy as ABC.  Everytime they are done,  their transplanted seedling looks great.  I will tell you now,  ain’t true!  The transplanted plant looks like it just went through hell and back.  And you will need to nurse it back to health!


After the ordeal that took only 10 minutes.  My heart broke.

Ok, maybe it was just me.  Maybe i wasn’t careful enough.  Or maybe the seedling was not ready.  It doesn’t matter.  Now i just have to find a way to make sure #1 survives.




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