Propagating Rosemary

If you google “propagating Rosemary from cuttings” you will find many resources that say it’s easy.

The most common method you will find is sticking it in water.

So i cut new sprigs with green stems cut at an angle from my healthy plant.  I removed the leaves from the bottom 2.5 inches.  Then, i stuck in in water.  I changed water every 2 days.

2 days after cutting


4 days after cutting

The leaves and stems are browning and it has only been 4 days.  Rooting takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.  It looks like these cuttings aren’t going to form roots.  I will let it sit around some more, in the hope that something might grow.  Maybe the weather down here is too hot and humid for the water method.


6 days after cutting. I think it’s time to try again.



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