Sowing Lettuce – the first attempt

So we got soil and seeds from the urban farm.  Very excited to try.

I didn’t have a seedling tray, so i used an egg tray.  I  punched a few holes at the bottom with a push pin to allow the water to drain.  I filled it up with the German soil and saturated it with water until it drained.  I put 1 seed in each hole.  I patted the soil to push the seed in (not too deep) and watered it again, this time, with a mister to prevent displacing the seed.


I’m not sure how long before sprouts should show up and if i gave it enough sun exposure but after 8 days there was still nothing.  Sadly, i won’t get to find out.  It rained hard the night before and on the 9th day, this is what it looked like after being left on the window:

                                  Eroded 😦





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