Free Seeds, Soil and A Lesson

The Doc and I went on a trip to check out supplies and plants at the Quezon Memorial Circle.  There were ornamental plants, herbs, indoor, outdoor, fruit bearing, orchids and more.  Pots and planters came in different sizes and different colors.  It was a feast.

But the true gem we found was tucked away in a back corner of the park.  “Joy of Urban Farming”  it said on the sign.

Farm manager, Mang Randy explained the concepts of the project.  With the objective of encouraging growing your own food, the seeds were free for anyone interested to plant.  There were a number of seeds available:  pechay, patola, cucumber to name a few.  But what interested me the most were the lettuce seeds.  My mind raced:  if i could grow my own lettuce, what savings i could have on my monthly grocery bill!  A definite must try.

Doc and i chose 3 lettuce varieties and cilantro. Still wondering what the difference is between the 2 romaine seeds.

Mang Randy taught us how to plant the seeds especially using recycled materials, without having to buy pots or fancy planters.

They gave us the seeds for free. Donations are welcome.

The German soil was a rich dark brown color.

Plus, we each got a bag of soil, which they said was from Germany.  This German soil was best to germinate seedlings with a 90+% success rate.




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